Operation: Cutback

Remember all those resolutions?  Well… it’s time to get to work on them.  I paid bills this morning and let me tell you–it was depressing.

Since I’m not going to be making more money any time soon, I need to start making some adjustments in my spending.   Here are the corners I think I can easily cut (I figure if I publish them here, I’m more likely to follow through):

Netflix– We’ve already determined that I’m horrible at watching the movies I have.   I just checked my Netflix account and I’ve had them at home since September.  Time to either get rid of it all together or downgrade.  Potential Savings: $16.99/month if I cancel; $8.99/month if I downgrade to one movie at a time.

Magazine subscriptions– I currently subscribe to both People and Entertainment Weekly, yet I rarely read both of them every week. I could always borrow from friends or pick up an occasional issue at the newstand Potential Savings: People is approximately $10/month (for the yearly plan), so I’m guessing EW is similar.  I could save a total of $20-$25/month if I cancelled both.

Cable– I spent $92/month on cable and internet.  I have digital cable and HBO, but I rarely watch TV.  Yes, the new season of Big Love started this week, and I enjoyed True Blood when it was on.  But is it really worth the extra $13/month? Also, if I downgrade to “basic” cable, I could save another $38.50 Potential savings: $13.00-$51.50

Cell phone– Believe it or not, I need to upgrade my cell phone plan.  Here’s the thing. I have a super cheap phone plan.  I have a ton of talk minutes, but I do not have unlimited texting.  So I end up paying extra money every month for texting charges. So I think if I get a higher monthly texting plan, I’ll actually end up saving money.  Potential savings: I’m not 100% sure, but I’m guessing $50/month.  Maybe more.

With these small sacrifices, I could save $92- $144 per month, which would more than pay for my car insurance and garbage pickup!  And that’s without really giving up anything major. I can live without cable TV and celebrity magazines, right?   Maybe I’ll even read more books.  I’ll have to get them from the library, though.

Anyone have any other “painless” suggestions?  I don’t regularly drink $4 lattes or get weekly mani/pedis, so that’s not a problem.  Also, don’t bother reccomending cutting coupons or shopping at Goodwill–it’s not going to happen. TJ Maxx is a stretch for me.


5 responses to “Operation: Cutback

  1. i know, i just cut back on a lot of magazine subscriptions. eric had a stack of time magazines that he had yet to read so i figure he won’t even notice.

  2. SO.. if you turn 30 of 30 into 365 of 30, you could potentially get people to buy your dinner and or lunches and drinks for a year, that would be huge!

  3. You know how I am about cutting coupons. They save us approx $75/month. Give it a shot!!! I can usually find a coupon online for whatever I’m buying. I have lots of money saving blog sites if you’re interested and think you would actually use them.

    We downgraded our cable (got rid of HBO since we only got it for the shows). It sucks but you get used to it. You can use Netflix to rent the seasons you need. We also downgraded our Netflix plan, got rid of insurance on our cell phones, cancelled our exterminator (who came quarterly), and now buy most of our groceries at Aldi’s. Unless they’re on sale at Meijer and I have a coupon! HA!

  4. I already wrote a response once and then accidentally deleted it when I was trying to delet e something else.

    It was much wittier, but the gist was this: Still not gonna cut coupons. And Meijer is evil.

  5. Cancel Netflix and get all your movies from the library.

    Cancel your magazine subscriptions and go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and read them for free.

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