Dear Body

Dear Body,

Hang in there– the 30 days of 30 are nearing an end.  Yes, that means you’ll be older, but  I promise to treat you better when it’s over–only a few more days! .  I vow to feed you better food (maybe even stuff I make myself!), to exercise consistently and to return to a normal sleeping schedule.

You have served me well for nearly 30 years and I know the last month has been hard on you.   I’m especially grateful to you, liver, for the hard work you’ve put in.  There’s a break coming real soon.  I promise.



P.S.  Please give my regards to Roxie.  I know she has  had a hard time as well.  There are long walks, car rides and trips to Petsmart in her future.


2 responses to “Dear Body

  1. it may be hard on your body but i bet you’re having fun.

  2. Oh, yeah… I ‘m having a ton of fun. But I’m certainly not my healthiest at the moment ;)

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