About Twilight…

I’ve been sick.  Stupid stomach flu has kept me inside for the last 3 days and I’m going crazy.  This afternoon was the first time I even felt good enough to get online, if that tells you anything.   I watched MOST of the Oscars and took notes but haven’t had a chance to search for/upload pix.  If you’re still interested in my post-Oscar fashion re-cap, let me now. Otherwise I’ll skip it this year.

On to Twilight–    Because I had 3 days of nothing to do and TV made me nauseous, I managed to finish the Twilight series.   I have to say that, as a whole, I was disappointed.   I kinda thought it was a little hokey after the first book, but I promised myself I’d reserve judgement until the end.    And, you know what?  I honestly don’t see what all the hype was about.

Yes, I can see why teenage girls like it.  Yes, it’s easy to read.  Yes, I found myself wanting to know how it all turned out in the end.

But, the problem is:  I really didn’t CARE about any of the characters.  Well, maybe Charlie.  But the rest of them were just prototypes–  The awkward, misfit, “She doesn’t know she’s beautiful”  duckling that turns into a SWAN (Get it?  Bella Swan?  Real subtle),  her dashing “prince” Edward (who is way cuter in the book than in the movie posters I’ve seen btw), with amazing self control, the tortured “best friend” Jacob who just loves Bella more than life itself… yada, yada, yada.  

I also had a problem with the storyline.  Although I did wonder how Stephanie Meyer would tie everything up in the end, there was never any doubt that she would  tie everything up… in a nice, little, no-real-harm-done-here little bow.  It was so simplistic that I was surprised it took 4 books and over 2500 pages to tell the story.   And NONE of it was new– vampires vs. werewolves, shape shifters, vampire “law,” immortal children. I’ve seen it all before, and it’s not like I’m a huge vampire fanatic (although I have read some Anne Rice and I do enjoy the TV show True Blood).

I think the thing that bugged me the most about these books is the fanfare.  These books have been billed as  “the next Harry Potter.”  I think that’s a huge insult to Harry Potter and JK Rowling.    Don’t get me wrong… I wanted to get swept up in Twilight mania. I wanted to find something as lasting and as magical as Harry Potter.  But this, my friends,  just ain’t it.  

The Harry Potter world is true fantasy– filled with all kinds of magical people, places, and things.  This world is our world– filled with people (and vampires and werewolves) that are pretty much just like us.  And I realize that the “realness” of the world is part of the appeal… part of the fantasy that this could REALLY happen, but it also takes away some of the richness and depth.  

For me, these books are more like the “next Sweet Valley High;” fun to read, entertaining, but utterly forgettable.  I know many of you disagree, so please feel free to tell me why you liked the books.   ‘Cuz I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about.


2 responses to “About Twilight…

  1. i agree w/ you on parts. i think part of why i didn’t like book #2 was b/c i thought bella was a little pathetic.

    (sorry, the rest of this is going to be jarbled…i’m just writing what comes to my head)

    but, besides that i loved them. i’m a huge fan of the harry potters and i agree that the hp books are much better. i kind of understand why people compare them (fantasy, awkward main characters) but for the me, the similiarities end there. but, the twilight books are the first series that i’ve come across since hp that i’ve wanted to read one after the other as fast as possible – the first series i’ve been excited about.

    these were the first vampire books that i had ever read so there might be a ton of stuff out there that is like it – i have no idea.

    i liked the characters (except bella book 2). i liked that they were odd and awkward.

    i wasn’t surprised at how everything ended nicely, although i did think at least one good guy would die.

    i liked the pace of books 1-3. i actually thought book 4 almost had too much and went through it too fast. if i were s.m. i probably would have had book 4 just about the marriage/baby w/ the threat of a fight coming and then book 5 all about them preparing for it and the end fight.

    i read the ?250? pages that they have out there of midnight sun, edward’s version of book 1. i liked it more than twilight.

    we’ll just have to agree to disagree. good post!

  2. Thanks for your comment… I know there are other Twilight fans who read this blog, so feel free to tell me why you LOVE them.

    I’m totally fine with agreeing to disagree… that’s the fun!

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