I know I’ve blogged about this before, but I’m willing to put my money on Eminem’s Lose Yourself as the #1 best workout song ever. 


There are a couple of reasons.    One, it has a really strong beat.   Two, the cadence of the song gets faster and faster until the big crescendo at the end (yeah, I just read a little about music theory– but I knew those words from grade school, k?)  

And, finally, the message of the song is Don’t Give Up!!! (You’ve only got one shot/so don’t miss your chance to blow/), which certainly got me through my workout tonight.

So, those of you who are training to run the Illinois Marathon (or the half- or the 5K, like me) or just want some good old-fashioned dance around in your living room and get angry at the world music, I highly reccomend this song.

Any other suggestions?  What gets you through a long run/hard workout/crappy day at work?


One response to “Best.Workout.Song.Ever.

  1. I was going to work out one night and my iPod was dead so I borrowed Dave’s. He and I have different tastes in music, for sure. But the one song that caught me was “Black Betty” by Ram Jam. It has a great rhythm and sure did make me pick up the pace!

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