Foto Friday: I really love my . . . GAP coat

In one of the “Hollywood” magazines I read, they have a feature called “I really love my…”  where they show pictures of celebrities who (gasp!) allow themselves to be photographed wearing the same clothes/shoes/accessories on different occasions.

I’m clearly not a celebrity (nor do I have a celebrity-sized wardrobe), but here’s how I imagine such a feature would read:

I Really Love My . . .  Kelly Green GAP Coat

At Guidos--LAST year

Carich @ Guido's, Champaign--January 2008


Tumble Inn, Champaign-- January 2008Tumble Inn, Champaign– January 2008


At Rocks in Champaign, January 2009

Rock's, Champaign-- January 2009

Me, Jo, Ron in front of the skating rink at Millenium Park

Millenium Park, Chicago-- February 2009

I really do love that coat.  I saw it in a store window in NYC last November and asked for it for Christmas. (Granted, the store was a GAP, which takes away from the NYC cache a bit, but made for a MUCH easier Christmas gift.)   When I opened the box Christmas morning I think I squealed a little.

I’m sure I’ll look back at these pictures in 10 or 15 years and cringe at my poor fashion choices, but I LOVE IT damn it.   Happy Friday!


One response to “Foto Friday: I really love my . . . GAP coat

  1. It is a very fab coat!

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