Not a Fan

I hate doing chores.  I realize I have it easier than most because it’s just me, but I strongly dislike the following:

  • Putting away laundry, specifically the hang-up clothes.  But I cannot stand leaving it in the baskets, so I do it anyway.
  • Unloading the dishwasher.  Then loading it.  Then unloading it again.   But I cannot stand having dishes in the sink, so I deal with it.
  • Sweeping/Mopping/Swiffering floors.  As much as I love my hardwood floors, I sometimes wish I had carpet.  Vacuuming is easier.
  • Paying bills.  Writing the checks.  Stamping the envelopes.    Finding username/password to pay online.  Figuring out how much money I have left. Such a hassle. Why can’t it all be automatic withdraw?

Anyone wanna guess what I did today??


One response to “Not a Fan

  1. totally with you on #1 and 2. and i occasionally vacuum my hardwood floors.

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