Google Reader

I finally broke down and decided to start reading my blogs through Google Reader. 

I’ve had a Reader account forever now, but I’ve always just preferred to click on links in the blogroll…  but then I started missing stuff.  I hope this will help me keep up better, but it will likely make some of your hit counts go down.  If I like a blog on someone else’s blogroll, I usually go to their blog (ahem, illini_girl) and then click around to their friends (ahem, KC Jayhawk, Here’s the Diehl and Ssquared).

So, let me know what the pros and cons are of using the Google Reader (or any other aggregator).  And… if there’s a blog I NEED to read, send it to me.    I’ll add it to my reader and hopefully find a new gem!

In other news… 

I’m going to San Francisco next week and I’m *super* pumped about it.  Yeah, I’m going for work, but I’ve got some fun stuff lined up for my “off” hours, so I’m excited.    I may not be able to take my computer with me, though, which is going to SUCK.  I don’t think I can survive 5 days in another city without my computer.   Especially since I’m using an old phone that doesn’t get email.   Whatever will I do?

Seriously…WHATEVER will I do?   Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have to find out.


4 responses to “Google Reader

  1. Google reader is a HUGE time saver for me. I don’t miss posts, and I don’t have to click around and get to a page that isn’t updated. I only have a partial feed to Google Reader, so you’ll get the intro to my post and then have to click over to read the rest – but at least you know when there’s new material.

  2. i really like google reader. nicole is right, it’s a huge time saver. i have 41 blogs that i read, which like you, come from mainly from my, nicole and hannah’s (which is how i found you!) blogrolls.

  3. I love to use Google Reader. I have a system where I get my Yahoo mail, read the local paper online and then check my Reader. I have some friends’ blogs on there but also a lot of recipe and cooking blogs. It helps me make sure I am not missing anything!

  4. I started using it ~1 month ago, and I am really liking it. My friend GirlWednesday has not posted for over a month. . . if I didn’t have google reader, it probably would have taken me another month to realize that I missed her new posts last night! I always checked Nicole’s, Suzanne’s, and yours often. . . but for people that are more sporadic, I find that google reader really helps.

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