I want, I want, I want EVERYTHING!

I officially signed up for the 5K at the Illinois marathon this week.  I’m planning on running it.  I’ve decided I won’t be a complete failure If I don’t run the whole thing, but I really, really, really want to be able to say I can run a 5K.  I’m not a runner at all, but I feel the need to have goals and at least try to accomplish them.

Lately, I’ve been doing a combination of Couch to 5K workouts and my own “modified” workouts.  For my modified workouts, I listen to some of my own music, some current favorites include:

  • Womanizer, Britney Spears (don’t hate)
  • Shake It, Metro Station
  • In the Middle, Jimmy Eat World
  • Single Ladies, Beyonce

But the *best* song for me right now is Los Angeles by Sugarcult.  I couldn’t find an actual video online, but this homeade one is pretty good.  The beat of this song is perfect for running and the “C’mon, C’mon” at the end inspires me to keep going.


2 responses to “I want, I want, I want EVERYTHING!

  1. OMG. . . we are blogging the same again! I started an entry on my running mix. . . and was finishing it in my head while I was running tonight! We’ll see if I get it finished tonight.

    Please note: It was totally my goal to run the whole thing. That is looking like a less likely goal I will achieve. It makes me sick because 5ks are SO EASY for most. . . but I am so clearly NOT a runner as *nothing* is easy for me when it comes to running!

    At least we’re trying, right? :)

  2. I did the whole “Couch to 5K” thing. It was cool, for a while. I just could never get my breathing pattern right. That and I’m so not a runner either.

    Good for you for doing it though…you’re awesome!

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