“There’s No Walking in Running”

That has been my motto as of late.  Any time I feel like stopping, I think of Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own telling the ‘girls’ that there’s no crying in baseball.  It keeps me going.  For a bit.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I might not make it the full 3.2 miles on April 11.  But I really want to.  So I’m stepping up my training.  This morning I had one of my best runs to date.   So I decided to go again tonight.

Bad idea.

About 8 minutes in, my sides started hurting.  At 10 minutes the blister on my foot was about to burst.  At 11 minutes I walked.   I tried running a couple times after that, but just couldn’t do it.   I guess the experts are right.   Rest periods are necessary.

Sorry for yet another lame post about running, but it is pretty much taking over my life these days.  If I don’t make it all the way through this 5K I will sign up for another one.

Oh, and I’m in love with Lady GaGa’s  “Just Dance” right now.  I somehow forgot to include it in my last list of running tunes.

4 responses to ““There’s No Walking in Running”

  1. I suck at life.

    I didn’t run in Vegas at all. . . but to be fair, I walked all day and all night every day.

    My stomach hurt tonight, and I was exhausted.

    Tomorrow night is dinner for my friend’s bday.

    Thursday night is volunteering.

    Not good.

    I turned on Lady GaGa after my podcasts last month and KISSED A** (even though I was supposed to be cooling down. . . I just kept running!). That’s what made me decide to skip the podcasts and just dance to music I like. :)

  2. You are so dedicated. I don’t think I’ve ever run for 8 min. straight.

    I love Lady Ga Ga too. I like that song that is on the radio right now.
    “Pa, Pa, Pa, Poker Face. Pa, Pa, Poker Face” It’s kinda lame, but I’m diggin’ it. =)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. i think i’m going to borrow that motto. i need it.

  4. HA! I just realized I put “KISSED A**” instead of “KICKED”. Dork!

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