Time for a Check-up

Time for the semi-regular check-up of my New Year’s Resolutions.  In case you don’t know them, by heart, here’s the quick run down:

Be 100% smoke free–  Part of the reason I wanted to write this post is to declare myself a bona fide non-smoker.  But for some odd reason, I had ONE cigarette on Saturday.  That’s one in February, one in March, and one in April.  Really… what’s the point?  Stupid!

Avoid fast food–   Again, I was doing pretty well, but my food supply at home is almost non-existent. I ate fast food TWICE this weekend… and had Za’s today.  It’s a function of not wanting to go to the grocery store more than anything else.

Finish more books– Uh… no.  I haven’t read a book since my trip to San Francisco.  And I really liked the book. I plan on writing about it.  Someday.

Learn to write fiction–  This has been an interesting endeavor.  I’m taking a class at Parkland. I’ve written a couple of “throw-away” stories, one I’m kinda proud of, and one that has potential, but needs significant revision.  I think I’m getting better.

Watch more movies–  Again…NO!  I cancelled my Netflix because I just don’t have the attention span to sit through a movie.  And I haven’t been TO the Movies since February (?)

Be more honest–  I think I’m okay in this category. We can cross it off the Resolutions list. 

Learn to appreciate poetry–   Eh… I have to admit.  The T.S. Eliot book I got for my birthday is still on my table.  I open it up occasionally, but I wouldn’t say I have an appreciation for poetry.   Not yet anyway.

Get back to a fighting weight– Believe it or not, I’m actually doing okay in this category.  My goal was to lose 20ish pounds and I think I’m probably down about 10 from the beginning of the year.  Our first “official” Biggest Loser weigh-in is Friday. I’m a little nervous (see above re: fast food), but I think I’m on the right track… for now!

Get control of debt–  I’m not doing as well in this category as I’d like to.  I (finally) made some of the cutbacks I promised months ago (cancelled Netflix, downgraded cable, cancelled magazines.)   But I know I need to curb more spending– Starbucks runs, new clothes, eating out,  etc.

Be more responsible–  I think I’m doing okay with this.  I really need to get my a$$ in gear at work a little more, but  I’m acting like a responsible adult.  Most of the time.  Except some weekends ;)

I’ve also set a few more fitness-related goals for myself this year:   I’m running another 5K in a couple of weeks.  My goal is to improve on my previous time.  Then  then thinking about maybe training for a mini triathlon in August (which requires a new bike, which requires more $$… the vicious cycle). My goal is to become a better swimmer and actually FINISH.   


3 responses to “Time for a Check-up

  1. Girl, you’re too hard on yourself.

    A cigarette here or there never hurt anyone…too much.

    Fast food is sometimes yummy and always convenient.

    Reading books is overrated. =) Just kidding! But seriously, poetry? Boring!!

    I’m with ya on the whole movie thing. I can’t sit through a movie either. I would blame it on my kids but I just don’t have enough patience to watch movies on a regular basis. I have to be in a “watching a movie” mood.

    I love reading your lists though. You should make a list of all the things you’re good at. #1 should be making lists. =)

  2. No matter what, you are staying focused. That is the key to finishing your “goals” marathon. Keep up the good work!

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