I Know What You Did Last Summer

Or, well, 2 summers ago, I guess…     Here’s the text of a blog post I wrote on mySpace back in the day.

What did I do over the 4th of July weekend that year?   I painted the inside of my house.   What am I doing this year for the 4th of July weekend?   Painting the outside of my house!

Normal blogging will resume at some point.  Hopefully with before and after pictures.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Beer Tents and Cover Bands

Okay, so I had this weekly blogging goal… and I was doing pretty good until I mentioned ON THE BLOG that I was going to blog once a week… and then it totally fell apart.  But with good reason.  I’ve been busy!

Wanna know what I’ve been up to?  Great… keep reading… and maybe leave a comment!  If not… screw you—ahahah!

Thursday, June 28: Live Karoke Band (yeah, I’m going back that far).

We went to go see Live Karoke Band at Radmakers in Tolono.  If you’ve never heard of LKB, they’re pretty cool.  It’s a bunch of guys from local bands (including Tommy “Tubular” and Guido from the Brat Pack and Jeff from X-Krush, who also happens to be part owner of Rads)…. Anyway, their gig is exactly like it sounds:  a live band who plays cover songs and audience members get up and sing.  Kinda like every little girl’s rockstar fantasy, right.  (well, maybe most little girls have princess fantasies, but we all know I’m not normal).   Anyway, it was fun to watch and I’ll mos def go back… but none of our group went up and sang. Next time I’m gonna try to round up a bigger posse and get a few more drinks in me and maybe—just maybe—my rockstar fantasy will come true.

Friday, June 29: Tolono Beer Tent

The next night was the Tolono Beer Tent to kick-off Tolono Fun Day.  Since I wasn’t able to go to fun day, I figured I’d make an appearance at the beer tent.  Definitely some good people watching. (oh, and the Tons of Fun Band was playing– yet another cover band… I’m sensing a pattern here) I ran into some old friends who only remembered seeing me in my Dolly Parton costume… thank God I looked better that night—ahahah!   Little did I know that this would be the first of many beer tents in my future.

Saturday, June 30:  Party Down in Indy

Headed to Indy for Kelly & Dave’s 2nd annual 4th of July extravaganza.   Since I was in Jamaica last year at this time and couldn’t make it, I figured I should make the trip.  (that and I know the Romanos throw KILLER parties… and I hadn’t yet met their son, which makes me a bad former roommate).  Anyway, I was late leaving and then on the way there I got pulled over.  Apparently, if a cop is on the shoulder with his lights on, you’re supposed to move out of the right-hand lane. Who knew?   The cop was kinda a dick to me, but let me off with a warning.  I think it had something to do with my low-cut top—LOL.

After FINALLY making it to Indy, I enjoyed a night of reminiscing about the 10 x 10 with Kelly, meeting her friends and watching Independence Day on their homemade GIANT outdoor movie screen (they even had a popcorn maker… cool!).   We then played a couple of rounds of Circle of Death (which some people called Kings Queen or something) and I got fairly toasted.   After a group outing to Perkins to enjoy their mammoth muffins, I headed back to C-U.

Sunday, Monday– boring normal life stuff.  Nothing remarkable

Tuesday—4th of July Eve Barcrawl

I convinced my friends Lesley, Clennon and Drew to come home and enjoy the pre-4th festivities.  We were going to visit Steph on her last night at Rock’s and then head to the Rose Bowl to see the Feuding Hillbillies….   For those of you not familiar w/C-U, the Rose Bowl is the ONE and ONLY country bar left—honestly, we’re not rednecks.  But we did see a band called the Fueding Hillbillies who were exactly what you might expect…. They did a lovely mash-up of Lynard Skynard/Eminem.  It really was quite interesting.  After that we went to see the Boat Drunks (Jimmy Buffett cover band)  where they had YET ANOTHER beer tent.  I ran into a TON of people I know including my sister and some co-workers.  I barely even saw the people I came with.  After that, we went to Guidos, then the Esquire, then Mary Anne’s and then home…. LONG night.   The out-of-town gang crashed at my house and got up the next morning to go home… sad!

Wednesday, July 4: The beginning of paint

I got a wild hair and decided that NOW is the time to finally get rid of the white walls in my house. I’ve been there for 5 months… and finally got my furniture, so I decided it was now or never.  I took Thurs. and Fri. off just for the task.   Wednesday I got the prep work done.  My mom brought me the supplies from my brothers house and then I started working.

Thursday and Friday: More Painting and Fun

I made great progress on the painting project, with the occasional trip to the pool/email break thrown in for good measure.

Friday July 6:  Bunco and Tuscola Beer Tent

Sorry to disappoint my fans, but Bunco this month was unthemed.  Well, it was supposed to be ugly swimsuits, but the date got changed, so we weren’t swimming.  Lindsey and I decided to show up in ugly swimsuits anyway (which my mom graciously let us borrow)…   fortunately for all of you, there is no photographic evidence of these suits… Sorry!     After that, we went to the Tuscola Beer tent.   Tuscola was celebrating their sequecentenial  (which, apparently, means 150 years), so we felt we needed to help them celebrate  (sorry… I don’t remember the name of the cover band playing that night).  It was much more fun than I thought it would be and I ended up getting fairly tipsy and crashing at my mom’s in Tolono, since Urbana was a little too far for me to drive

Saturday July 6: Surprise– Painting (and a wedding)

was more painting and then my niece’s wedding.  Yep, you read that right: my neice got married!  She’s really my half-niece and she’s 20, so it’s not THAT weird… but I remember when she was born and never thought she’d be married before me.   At any rate, it was good to see my Grannie, my brother and my sister…and a bunch of people who knew me, but I didn’t know them.  I always think that’s weird.

Sunday: The end of the Paint–Thank GOD!

Yesterday, my mom came up and helped me finish the touch-ups on the paint.  Apparently, it takes 8 hours to touch up paint and I was just ready for it to be DONE…. After she left, I cleaned up and hit the sack.


For some ungodly reason, I got up at 4:30 in the morning… and have been going ever since.  Went to the gym. Went to work.  Came home.. got caught up on Entourage and Big Love and here I am…. FINALLY getting back to my blogging with a freshly painted house and a week and a half full of stuff to write about.   I’ve probably left something out, but you get the idea.

Hopefully something blog worthy will happen this week and I’ll find some time to write.



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