Why I Run

I’m currently obsessed with reading running blogs.  One of my favorites is the Runner’s Lounge.  Most of the blogs I follow have been featured in the Lounge and they offer podcasts, videos, and more to help all  runners–from expert to novice (like me).

Recently, they’ve been featuring blogger’s answers to the question:  “Why do you run?”     Here’s mine:

Why I Run

Because I never thought I could
Because now I know I can

Because it makes me feel powerful, capable, and strong

Because I like challenges
Because my biggest competition is myself

Because every run is a personal triumph, if not a personal record

Because I have definition in my legs like never before
Because I’m in better shape at 30 than I was at 20

Because racing is fun!

Because I’ve yet to come in last
Because I’ve yet to come in first

Because it’s okay to run away from your problems if you’re actually running

Because rate x time = distance.  Always.
Because no matter how slow I am, I’m faster than the slump on the couch

Because you can’t get arrested for a runner’s high

So… why do you run?  (or bike… or golf… or whatever)

4 responses to “Why I Run

  1. my sil jennifter reads a lot of running blogs. they’re on her blogroll at http://www.backpacktwang.blogspot.com
    she’s a runner too and just did this half marathon straight up a mountain, which they say takes you just as long to run as a normal marathon (crazy, crazy girl).
    i run but i don’t love to run. i wish you guys would rub off on me.

  2. What a cool entry, Cari. . . LOVE IT.

    backpacktwang is amazing. I need to add her to my goodgle reader b/c I haven’t read hers in a long time. . . but yes, she is CRAZY. I’m always in awe of the runs she does! :)

  3. Can I change my vote and have this be the entry you submit to the National Gallery of Writing?

  4. I run because I never used to be able to and now I can. I also run because I like to be able to call myself a runner. And finally, because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the feeling I have at the end of a hard run!

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