Random Ramblings on Running

“What?” you say. ANOTHER post about running? So soon?

Yeah. Sorry, but I don’t have a whole lot going on these days. And I have some of my BEST blog ideas while I’m running.

I sometimes wish I had a handheld recorder or something to record all of my highly insightful observations. But then I’d be that girl… the one who is running along talking to herself. (which, I suppose isn’t sooo much worse than being the girl who runs along singing to herself, but I digress).

Here are the various blog posts I thought about writing today while I was on the treadmill at the gym:

My love/hate relationship with the treadmill

Google Maps of my various running routes

A collection of my favorite running blogs (thanks for the suggestions last week!)

Setting the record straight: I don’t love to run, but I do it anyway

My running related goals for the week/month/year

ISO:  Equally slow running buddy

Running ThuRsdays– I’d write about running every Thursday.  I thought the R part was clever at the time!

But, hey, Top Chef is on and I’ve lost all my creativity and wit*.  Suffice it to say that the running is going pretty well and this probably won’t be the last post you read about the subject.

*assuming I had any to begin with–  Exhibit A: see the last bullet!


3 responses to “Random Ramblings on Running

  1. I’d be interested in reading about why you run if you don’t love to do it. Why then?

  2. hey, Bobbi– I posted about Why I Run last week: https://carichblogs.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/why-i-run/

    Someone commented that they wished they loved running as much as I do and I just wanted to clear up that I don’t LOVE it. But I do love the benefits/feelings of accomplishment it gives me.

    You know, until I find something else to obsess over!!

  3. I ALWAYS think about blogging when I’m running, too! I get my best blog post ideas and even start writing them in my mind but then I always lose it by the end of my run :-( Boo

    Keep going with the running – you’ll love it eventually :-)

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