Re-post: Carich gets political

I’ve tried my hardest to stay out of the recent debate about Obama’s planned speech to school children.   I’ve read the transcript and have some opinions on the subject, but a) I don’t have kids, so it’s not that important to me and b) I kinda like to keep my facebooking/blogging about fun stuff.

However, this post over at Nicole’s blog made me think about some of the things I’ve said previously about the subject, so I’m re-posting them here.

The bottom line is this:  Don’t be a lemming.  Inform yourself and make the best choices for you and your family based on your own beliefs/values.

Politics and Baseball— I introduce my uneasiness of politics becoming a spectator sport.

Election Fever— some thoughts before the Presidential election where I expand on some of my pet peeves regarding political debate/discourse. (still relevant, even post-election)


Oh, and regardless of where you stand on the issue, can we agree to stop comparing elected officials to Nazi’s?  Please?   It’s not only disrespectful to whomever the insult is being directed towards, it’s offensive to the millions of people who were truly victims of the Nazis.  Thankyouverymuch.


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