Trust in Your Training

I’m running a 5K on Saturday.  It will be my fourth.   The first one I just wanted to finish.  The second two I ran with very little preparation and on the heels of trips/vacations, so i didn’t expect much.   This one I’ve actually trained for.

I have a time goal in mind, but I’m too modest, shy, scared, f-ing petrified to put it in writing just yet.  I do have some other goals though:

  • Finish faster than last time
  • NO WALKING (you’ll remember that last time I started to quickly and had to take a short walk break)
  • Finish strong
  • Finish with a smile
  • Maintain a somewhat even pace

WHEN I meet my time goal I’m buying myself a fancy running watch.  My current system of adding up the song times on my iPod just isn’t cutting it.  But I’m not sure I’m ready to invest in a Garmin– not yet anyway!!   IF I meet my other goals, I’ll buy a new pair of running pants.

I *know* I can do this.   I’ve run this course before.  I’ve trained*.   I’m ready.    My motto for this race is “trust in your training.”     In the 4 weeks leading up to this race I’ve averaged about 10 miles a week and I’ve increased my long run to a little over 4 miles.

Now  I just have to get out there and DO IT!!   (And pray for good weather and “race adrenaline”).

* My “training” thus far has been pretty much self-directed.  Starting Monday, I’m going to follow an actual 10K training plan. I’m excited about it because there are dedicated days for Cross-Training, which I think will help with my overall fitness and with fighting boredom.  Stay tuned for more.


4 responses to “Trust in Your Training

  1. Good luck on your 5k! Sounds like you’re ready! And enjoy your perks.


  2. GOOD LUCK! I’ve never done a 5K but I want to try one soon!

  3. Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!

    I have crazy goals this year. . . but. . . I’ve taken QUITE a hiatus from running so this should be interesting! :)

  4. you’ll do great!
    we have a garmin watch and i promise you would LOVE it when you run. i use it daily, even for walking my kids to and from school.

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