Get with the progrum

Now that the 5K is over, I’m starting on a 10K training progrum (yeah, I know it’s progrAm, but my friend says progrUm and I think it’s hilarious)

Anyway, my schedule is modeled after Hal Higdon’s and looks something like this:

Monday—  Run.  2.5-3 miles

Tuesday— Cross-training 30-45 mins

Wednesday—  Run 2 miles + strength exercises (although I reserve the right to incorporate strength into my Tuesday workouts)

Thursday—  REST!!

Friday— Cross-train 40-60 mins

Sat OR Sun— Long run.  Starts at 3 miles and progresses to 6 miles.  Alternate day is “stretch and strengthen” which I plan to use for Pilates.

I have various options for cross-training– elliptical/bike at the gym, FitTv workouts, walking.   For “strength” I’m going to try to alternate between weights at the gym, FitTv sculpting workouts and probably some old-fashioned squats/lunges/crunches, etc.  Hopefully the variety will help me from getting bored.

Tonight’s scheduled 2.5 mile run* turned into a mile run outside + 2.5 on the treadmill + 1 mile walk home.   I planned to run my usual 2.5 mile route outside, but the wind and the cold was causing havoc on my lungs and I had to move my workout indoors.

My only concern about this progrum is the weather. I need to get used to running outside in the cold… or get more accustomed to the treadmill.  It wasn’t so bad tonight, but when I have to start running 4-5 miles on it, I’m going to get BO-red.

If anyone has any good cross-training or stretching/strength workouts to suggest, send them my way.  I’m sure I’ll need ’em!


* don’t worry: I don’t plan on updating you on EVERY workout for the next 8 weeks!


2 responses to “Get with the progrum

  1. I am crazy and considering upping my running at some point (despite the fact that I only have a few 5k’s under my belt). My friends are trying to convince me to run the half-marathon with them in Illinois. I find this somewhat laughable. . . BUT I will attempt. . . after I first get myself into 5k shape (which is a struggle in itself). . . At least it is cooling off here again so it’s possible to run outside without DYING. . .

  2. Pressed “submit” too soon!

    You go, girl! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! Maybe you can inspire me! :)

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