Running Roundup

My runs* this week went pretty well.  I ran MORE than my scheduled mileage for each of my 3 runs.   I ran in the rain for the first time Wednesday and liked it!  It was more of a light drizzle than a full-on rain, but it was nice.   And due to my less-than-stellar directional skills, I managed to get a 4.2 mi run in Chicago this weekend.  It was nice and cool– perfect running weather.

I’m still debating:  5K or 10K??

After my strong run this weekend, I’m confident that I can FINISH 6.2 miles, but it will *not* be fast, and I might have to walk.   I’m okay with a walk/run strategy (I’ll only be up to 4.5 mi on my training plan by then), but I’m afraid that doing poorly in the 10K will kill my motivation.   I’m not sure a race is the best environment for covering the distance for the first time.  On the other hand, finishing the year w/a 10K under my belt would be kinda cool.

If I run the 5K, however, I have a good chance of getting a PR and finishing the year off strong, which might be better for my overall confidence/motivation than a mediocre 10K performance.   I figure the “real runners” will be in the 10K and there’s a good chance I’ll come in last.

I don’t know.  I think I’ll try for 5 miles this week and see how that goes.  The registration deadline isn’t until the 28, so I have a little bit of time.  I  just wish that 8K hadn’t fallen through.  I feel really confident in my 8K abilities.   Grrr…


* Cross-training:  not so much. I did one Jillian Michaels workout, which was only about 30 mins.  Totally kicked my a$$, but didn’t cover the time allotment.  Completely skipped the 50 min cross-training on Friday.  Probably won’t do much better this week, either.


4 responses to “Running Roundup

  1. Good job, Cari! I did my first run in MONTHS yesterday, as it finally cooled off here a bit. It was pathetic! :\

  2. Way to go! I ran in the rain this weekend too and really enjoyed it.

    Go with your gut feeling for the race. If you think it’s going to kill your motivation then don’t do it!! You might be able to find a 10k for early 2010, and what a better way to START the new year :-)

  3. You rock girl….keep up the good work! You are doing soooo well! ; )

    Good luck!


  4. Whichever you choose to do, you will do great! I’m so proud of your running accomplishments. I’m so j!!!

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