Foto Friday: Billboard

I saw this billboard yesterday and I had to stop  and take a picture of it. (Actually, I had to park, cross the street in the rain, and stand there like an idiot taking a picture of it).

Is it just me or does this ad bother you?


I can’t help but think it’s from Smart Tan or a similar organization.   If so, I’m appalled that they’re using the pink ribbon to promote their cause.  Now, if  the message was just “Vitamin D helps decrease your risk,” I’d have no problem with it.  But the fact that they say “from the sun and tanning beds” makes me a bit suspect.

I’m all for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but why use it to promote your own cause?   And isn’t this kind of like trading one cancer for another?  I realize skin cancer is less deadly, but still.

What do you all think?


8 responses to “Foto Friday: Billboard

  1. I think this is really disturbing! I just heard a tanning place here in STL advertising about how you can get your daily vitamin D from a tanning bed. But using the pink ribbon seems wrong to me.

  2. I looked it up, and the organization is called “D-Feat” which sounds fine, except that they sold out to the tanning industry. Here’s a link to their site:

  3. Thanks Nicole! I figured it probably came from the tanning industry somehow. Perfect example of poor ethics in marketing. I guess no one has a “patent” on the pink ribbon, but to capitalize on it like that is just wrong!

  4. that’s just wrong.

  5. I’m SHOCKED by that ad. I would think that tanning increases your chances of getting ANY kind of cancer…

  6. This INFURIATES me! My friend’s mom went to get a spray tan a few years ago, and the tanning place gave her all the literature about vitamin D and how it was healthier to tan blah, blah, blah. The information was such garbage. It made me so angry. . . you can spin almost anything your way! :\

  7. I cannot believe this is an actual campaign!!!! Tanning isn’t good for you in ANY way. GRRRRR!

  8. I agree that this is not the correct way to promote tanning but there are as many people for tanning as against so unless you are educated on tanning how are you so sure its all bad? Just educate yourself before expressing what you are calling facts and not opinions. Thank you

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