I went on my first long run* today with the iPhone. It is GORGEOUS here… beautiful fall weather, great color on the trees, perfect for running.

My plan: take it easy, get the 4 miles in, don’t worry about time/pace, etc. I did a *lot* better this time, telling myself that I would only check my phone at pre-determined intervals. (oh, and btw– I’m still running with the phone AND my iPod Nano. I haven’t properly set up the ipod on the phone yet. That’s another post)

Anyway, I cheated a few times and realized I was going faster than I intended… even under 9 min/mile at one point (my average for a 3 mi run is around 11/11:30). Anyway, my handy-dandy running app lets me export my “stats” to share. I promise I won’t do this after every run, but I find it fascinating. I mean, seriously, who knew that there would be that much fluctuation in elevation in URBANA?

Anyway… enjoy the Sunday stats**

RunKeeper Shared Fitness | Running Activity.

mi pace climb (ft)
1 11:52 13
2 11:21 17
3 10:54 5
4 12:04 27
*yes, my long runs are only 4 miles right now.
** this didn’t display like I wanted it to. I was hoping y’all would get the full map, elevation chart, splits, etc right here on the blog. Boo RunKeeper. Guess that’s what I get with a free ap!


3 responses to “Mmm…Stats!

  1. Great work! Before you know it a 4-mile run will be your short, easy run! Just keep up the hard work! You’re doing AWESOME!

  2. have you decided on the 5 or 10k yet?
    it sounds like your runs are going great.

  3. I think I’m doing the 5k. My run today was great but I was struggling at the end. I’m not sure I’ll be ready to add another two miles in a week.

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