Foto Friday: A running tour of my ‘hood

Inspired by this post and armed with my iPhone, I went for a run* and tried to document the sights of my “usual” route.   It’s a 3 mile loop from my house and only contains 4 turns, but there are plenty of sights** to see:


don't quite have the hang of taking pictures while running yet


I live near campus, so I run by a couple fraternity/sorority houses


and the old Presidents house or something (seriously, i run by this 3x a week and I'm not sure what it is....)


Lots of UI pride... even now!

This one makes it look like I'm moving FAST.... or the cars are!

This one makes it look like I'm moving FAST... or the cars are!


obligatory U of I marker!


Gorgeous fall colors


There are 2 schools on my route. This is one of them.


picture perfect


on the home stretch!


Urbana has a reputation for being "crunchy." This canoe for sale embodies that mentality. Love it!


I'm obsessed with these red bushes!


home sweet home


but I usually try to round the corner and finish at the back door (this street is also a bit more colorful)


* full disclosure:   I didn’t actually plan to take pictures that day.  I planned on a 3 mi run, but I noticed how pretty the scenery was and thought about the blog post I’d read.   Stopping to take photos didn’t help my run any so I changed my 3 mi into 2 mi and didn’t worry about time.  It was quite enjoyable.***

** I also run by Robert Ebert’s childhood home *every* time I run–there’s a plaque and everything.  But, of course, I didn’t think about taking the photos until after I passed his house.


*** full disclosure, part 2: If I had realized that it would be my last run for two weeks,  I might have pushed a little harder!


7 responses to “Foto Friday: A running tour of my ‘hood

  1. i wouldn’t mind living in that president’s house. it’s beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous! You live in a beautiful neighbourhood, I wish I had a neighbourhood like that to run in!

  3. aww, I loved this! So many memories :)

  4. Great pics, Cari! Loving the Fall colors. . . don’t see too much of that here! I have palm trees on my street. :)

  5. Hi Cari,

    Yay! Thanks for playing along (and linking over to my post – so much fun to create.) I loved photographing my neighborhood, but had to do so AFTER the run. Kudos to you for doing it ‘on the run.’ Action shots = awesome! Love the fast cars or fast Cari pic. :-)

    So, when do we get to visit?? LOL Seriously, Hubby and I love this time of year, and seeing your GORGEOUS fall colors just makes me yearn for our annual Oct get-away (which we postponed this year due to economy, life, etc…) and your cooler temps (88 here today.. grrr).

    Love the canoe and all it represents – kinda metaphorical, don’t you think?? (always looking w/ a writer’s eye)

    And I agree: the red bushes are spectacular, but my fave is the bright orange tree… oh my gosh – stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing your neighborhood…. I really enjoyed the tour – so different from Orlando. :-)


  6. I love the burning bushes too…..not only are they beautiful…but the name sounds kind of dirty. “Burning Bush.” HA!

  7. Thanks for sharing….what a beautiful route! I always laugh when I move from “old Tolono” through “new Tolono”….no trees! I LOVE the trees and one in our backyard gets so red! ; )

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