Running through my mind…

Due to a SUPER fun weekend in STL, I missed my long run on Sunday.  I have some “bonus” weeks built into my schedule, but since I missed my long run *last* weekend, I decided to buck up and do it on Monday after work.

I had 6 mi on the schedule and after much debating I decided to take my run outside.   I knew I wouldn’t last long on the treadmill and the thought of running 24 laps around the indoor track was only slightly more appealing.  So I geared up and headed outside.  

The cold/wind didn’t bother me as much as I thought they would, but by the time I hit the turn around point at my neighborhood park, it was getting a bit dark.    The following internal conversation ensued:

OMG, it’s dark. And the trail isn’t lit up.  Maybe I should just turn around.
No, there’s plenty of light from that house, I’ll be fine. Plus, it’s not totally dark…yet.
Oh, crap… it’s dark.  And I’m running through a puddle.  I hope I don’t twist my ankle.
I don’t see any other people on the trail.  No one to hear my screams.
Oh, wait– there’s someone.  But why is he crouched down?  Surely he’s going to rape and kill me.
No… that’s just a garbage can.  Thank God.
Whew… there’s someone else on the trail. He said hi. Certainly he’s not going to murder me.
If I did get attacked, what would I do?  I don’t have my phone on me.
I also don’t have an ID.  How would they know it was me?
If I went missing, would the boyfriend be able to identify the clothes I was wearing?
Probably not. He might be able to tell them I was wearing running tights, but I’m sure he  has no clue what shirt I’m wearing.
What’s that in front of me?  
I think it’s a coyote.
Can I outrun a coyote?
Not now, I’m getting tired.
Oh, just a regular dog.
I hope it doesn’t attack me.
No… it’s on a leash.
And he has an owner.
Hi, Nice guy with dogs on the trail.  Hope you can hear my screams when I get murdered/attacked by a coyote.
But you wouldn’t be able to identify me.  Or know who to call for help.
Lessons learned:
1) Don’t run at night on dark trails
2) Start carrying ID on outdoor runs
3) Carry phone in case of emergencies
4) Buy armband for said phone.. STAT!

3 responses to “Running through my mind…

  1. My favorites are the owners who just let their dogs attack you… that’s pretty sweet.

  2. OK, so I know that your run was primarily filled with fear, but your recap was hilarious! And this is SO me when I’m out at night alone. I’m not looking forward to getting used to a new neighborhood for this reason.

  3. hilarious.
    i live close to work and tried walking to and from. it didn’t last long b/c i get off at 9:15pm on 2 days and that was close to what was going on in my head all the way home (minus the coyote).

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