This week in training

Check out this  screen shot from my Daily Mile profile:

Lots of Milestones Here:

  • On Thurs, I ran under 11 min/mile for the first time on a long-ish run (4.5 mi).
  • Yesterday, I ran my longest long run to date (7.5 mi)
  • Mileage for the week is over 20 for the first time
  • Mileage for the month is 58

I’m taking a rest day today, but can’t wait to get back out there.  If any of you are on Daily Mile, add me.  I need more friends on there and I hate boring my facebook peeps with running stuff.

2 responses to “This week in training

  1. i didn’t even know there was a daily mile thing. i’ll let you know if i join, i’ll have to see if it matters what you keep track of.
    good for you! 7.5 miles is amazing.

  2. Great job lady!!!!

    I use, but the Daily Mile intrigues me! Haha

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