Thank Goodness

First things first– I got my 9 miler in this weekend. Yay!  Thanks for all your words of encouragement.  

I was a bit nervous about the run, but I did a few things that I think helped get me out of the funk:

  • I set out to run for time, not distance.  I didn’t even look at the map before I left.  I just put on my watch and said I wasn’t stopping for two hours.
  • I ran a different route including parts of the half-marathon race route that I’d never run before.
  • I switched directions. (I usually run in a counter-clockwise loop from my house. This time I went clockwise)
  • I made a new “long run” playlist for my iPod.
  • I slowed down… WAY down.  Someone commented that I should just jog or shuffle when I get tired.  My run = jog and my jog = shuffle.  I was slow, but I knew I could get the miles in.
  • I ran in the morning, which I usually prefer, but haven’t been able to do lately.

It was one of the best runs I’ve ever had.   The weather was perfect (for me)– a little cool at the beginning, overcast and breezy, but not windy.  The first hour literally flew by– I was running through unfamiliar territory and just soaking in my surroundings. I was smiling as other runners passed by, completely taking in the experience.  

At about mile 7, I was certain that I could run 10.  I was even composing the “double-digit” status update in my head.  At about Mile 8, I was back in my neighborhood and I knew how much further I’d have to run.  This kinda set me back, but I wasn’t stopping until I was I was 100% certain I’d run 9 miles. 

I ran for almost 2 hours and then stopped about a mile from home to cool down.   When I stopped to check my RunKeeper app for my phone I was muy disappointed–  it didn’t work :( I have no data from the run and I ran through some “unchartable” areas, so I don’t  have completely accurate data on my run.   My best guess is 9.1 miles (which I think is conservative) in 1:51.   I missed my goal of running for 2 hours, but I made my mileage for the week and I feel great about it. 

I also passed a rabbit statue in the park and a dead bunny on the side of the road, which I thought was uber-appropriate for an Easter  run!


2 responses to “Thank Goodness

  1. Yay Cari! You rock! :D

  2. Wille Humper

    Excellent grammar, word choice, and punctuation!

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