First 10K– an automatic PR!

I ran the Safe Kids 10K on Saturday.  I finished in 1:10:45, which is an 11:24 min/mile pace.  I’m not especially happy with my performance (see below), but I’m glad I did it.

Positive:  I finished.  My pace was comparable to my training runs.
Negative: I should have finished faster.  I lost my confidence and took too many walk breaks (really any walk break in a 10K is too many for me.  I’ve run 6 mi without stopping numerous times).

Positive:  I was surprised to see two of the Derby Girls out on the course.  One was running the 10K and I tried to keep her in my sight as long as possible.   The other one *smoked* by me in the 5K! 
Negative:  The course itself was BORING– a 4 lap loop around a local park. I’ve run it as a 5K and it wasn’t so bad, but by the 3rd lap, I was sick of seeing the same sights.  

Positive:  I *smashed* my previous 5K record by over 2 mins
Negative:  I started out too fast and paid for it in the end (see above re: walk breaks)

Positive:  I got much-needed race experience before the half-marathon (<3 weeks away…yikes!)
Negative:  The race was really small and I never really “ran my own race.” Instead, I tried too hard to keep up with other runners (I did not want to come in last!)

Positive:  This race made me realize how much I need a “race plan” for the half.
Negative:  I’m not really sure what that plan should be.   All through my training, I’ve been thinking I’d just run as far as I can before stopping.  I’m now thinking maybe I should schedule in some walk breaks so they’re not so defeating if I take them at the end.  When/where should I take them?  I’m thinking maybe miles 6 and 10?  

A few other random gripes:

  • I forgot my watch and my RunKeeper app crapped out on me again.  IF I continue running after the half, I may need to upgrade or invest in a Garmin.  But I don’t know how much more running I’m going to do.
  • At the end of the 2nd lap, another runner comes up behind me and says: “You can do it… We’re almost done” to which I replied: “No, honey, I’ve got two more laps to go.”   She said: “Oh, 10K?  Good for you. I’m impressed.”     Not really sure what that means as I was starting to struggle by that point.   Thanks for the motivation, lady!
  • After my 3rd lap, I was really struggling.  The clock read 51:xx:xx.   One of the volunteers tried to point me towards the finishing chute.  Once again I had to say: “Sorry, I’m not done yet.”    Ugh.  Talk about motivation-killer!

2 responses to “First 10K– an automatic PR!

  1. good job! i’ve never done anything more than a 5k so i’m impressed.
    i love our garmin. love it.

  2. I agree, way to go!!! a 10k is a huge accomplishment!!!!! :)

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