Has it really been over a month since I last mentioned roller derby?   It’s almost like there’s nothing exciting going on.   Au contraire, my friends (totally had to look that one up… thanks, Google).

Here are some of the exciting things  that have happened in derby land:

  • I took–and passed– my WFTDA written test
  • I officially chose Bitch E. Rich as my derby name
  • I ordered my skates.   They have yet to come in. It was almost 2 months ago!
  • The Arch Rival Roller Girls came to visit/coach a practice
  • One of our players made this super awesome soundslide  of the visit (look for me in the beginning– pink tights). 
  • Her dad made a super awesome video of one of our practices. I can’t figure out how to link to it, so check it out on our facebook page (and while you’re there ‘like’ it!)
  • It has yet to be recognized (apparently there’s a backlog)
  • I took–and passed– my WFTDA skills test
  • I got assigned to a team
  • Our team chose a name (the ‘Paign) and colors (black and blue–we’re tough!)

The biggest news of all…. WE’RE HAVING A BOUT!!!    


Yep, that’s right… the first official TCDG bout will be Friday, May 21.  Details to come (check our website for more info as it becomes available).




3 responses to “Derby!

  1. can’t wait to hear how the bout goes in a few weeks.
    (i never knew they were called bouts in the world of roller derby.)

  2. Thanks… I’m pretty excited. Some people call them ‘games’ too, but the event itself is called a bout. So much to learn!!

  3. good luck in your half tomorrow! it’s going to be windy (duh), humid (ooof) and HOT. Race directors should have scheduled it around Easter again, IMHO.

    It’s my fifth half, and I’m pacing a friend. Last year I did the full, but I’m pretty happy to be going half that distance tomorrow!

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