About this Blog

Hi, I’m Cari Rich.  And this is my blog.

I’ve been blogging on mySpace for quite a while, but decided to move my blog to a more public forum so people who aren’t on mySpace can play along, too!

What you’re likely to find here:

  • chronicles of my life events–big and small
  • random thoughts on everything from pop culture to politics
  • links to web sites I find amusing
  • book/movie/tv/restaurant reviews

What you won’t find here:

  • my deepest, darkest thoughts
  • damaging information about my friends/family/coworkers
  • sordid details about my personal life (or lack thereof)
  • porn

I hope to move over some of my favorite mySpace blogs as a way to get started.  I plan to post regularly and LOVE comments… so don’t be shy!

2 responses to “About this Blog

  1. Just subscribing. Thanks!

  2. Hi i have not done this before i found your blog by mistake, you look like great people having a lot of fun. I could not make out what country you are in. Bernie England

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