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Things that currently bug me, grammar edition

In an effort to prove that I have more things to talk about than running and derby, here are some grammar gripes.   All of them (with the exception of #2) were witnessed in ONE day of facebook postings.  I’d like to copy/paste the postings here, but there’s always a chance  I could embarrass someone and lose a reader.   And I can’t really afford that!

#1–  People who don’t know how to use an apostrophe.  And I’m not talking about whether it’s James or James’.   I’m talking about people putting apostrophes in normal words.  Like Friday’s.   Not the restaurant chain, either.   Like “I have Friday’s off this summer.”   Here’s a handy guide in case you need it:

#2– The number of times I used “like” in #1.

#3– Nouns as verbs. I get it… let’s Google someone.  Let’s facebook our relationship status.  Whatever.  But people do not verse one another in sporting events.  They PLAY one another.   Verse is a paragraph in poetry or a part of a song.  Not an action. 

#4– Pretending people are your family, when they’re not.  Or calling out one’s relationship when talking directly to them.   Examples:  calling someone a “sister” if they’re not, using the word “girlfriend” to describe a female friend, referring to a group of unrelated people (coworkers, teammates) as a family.  (I realize this isn’t technically a grammar issue, but roll with it).

#5– Extraneous letters, especially the letter ‘d.’    It’s congratulations or congrats, not congradulations or congrads.  Yes, even if the person who is being congratulated happens to be a graduate.  Also, just because we shorten it to “fridge,” doesn’t mean there’s a d in refrigerator.

Note 2:  I’m sure there are typos/grammatical errors in this post.  Feel free to point them out.  I deserve it.

Only Me, Part 2

Hannah over at Illini_Girl’s Adventures  likes to joke that she specializes in awkward.  I’m not sure what my specialty is, but here are a few things that seem to only happen to me. 

Only I could:

… get stopped for texting while driving, when I actually wasn’t

I had the radio on and I thought I heard my phone ring. I checked to see if someone had called and next thing I know there are flashing lights behind me.  Ugh.   I knew I wasn’t speeding, but it was 9 p.m. on a Saturday night.  And my license plate sticker was out of date.  The officer explained to me why I was being pulled over.  I showed him that I hadn’t made or received a text message since 7:30 that night.  He gave me a written warning anyway.   Not a ticket, but still!   This has taught me to keep my phone in my purse (preferably in the back seat) from now on. 

… offer roadside real estate advice

A couple of days before that I was walking my dog and some guy stopped alongside the road.  I live fairly close to the University so it’s not uncommon for people to ask for directions.  This guy was different.  First of all, his car was PACKED with random stuff.  And he had an open box of Cheerios in the front seat, like he was snacking on them during the drive.   Anyway, he pulls up and asks me if there are any apartments for rent in the area.  I  tell him there aren’t a lot of apartments in the neighborhood, but if he goes closer to campus he’s sure to find some.   He didn’t like this answer, so he asked about houses.  I told him to drive around and look for signs.  He asked how much rental houses go for around here. I told him I didn’t rent, but I thought they were fairly reasonable. I explained that I have a friend in the apartment leasing business, but he deals with mostly college students.

Over the course of the next 10-15 mins (remember: he is in his car alongside a fairly busy road.  I’m holding my dog on a leash)  he proceeds to tell me waaayyyy too many details about his life:  I know he’s 40.  He’s from Ohio.  He has no friends/family here.  He just got a great job, but doesn’t want to pay more than $500 in rent, etc.    Finally, I said: “I’m not sure what else to tell you,”  and told him to look up a real estate agent.  Or buy a newspaper.  I was kinda weirded out by the experience, so I took the SUPER long way home just in case he was following me. 

fail to recognize the warning signs*

Last weekend, I met some friends downtown for Happy Hour.   My “usual” parking spot was full so I had to park in a large lot a couple blocks away.   When we got done it was dark (sidenote:   ever notice how happy hour is *never* just an hour), I walked with my friend to the end of the block and then we parted ways.   I clicked the “unlock” button on my keyless entry thing, saw the lights flashing and hopped into the car.    As soon as I sat down, I realized something wasn’t right.  The car was CLEAN… and I couldn’t figure out where to put my key.   About that time, the *real* owner of the car walks up and says: “I think you’re in my car.”   Me: “oh, I thought something wasn’t right. Sorry.” and turned and walked away like it was no big deal.   I kinda wonder what he thought when he saw the crazy girl getting into his car.   I found mine a few rows down and went home.   

*this title was left intentionally vague.  I wanted those of you who didn’t already read it on facebook to experience it as I did. 

Seriously, this stuff only happens to me.

Roxie strikes again!

Remember last year when Roxie killed a baby bunny?   Well, she’s done it again.   This time, she’s movin’ on up like George and Weezy….

April 2010

May 2009

Uhh… at least she’s improving???

Stream of consciousness

Here’s what I’m thinking about at the moment:

  • I suck at running.  Like really, really suck.   It’s all mental, but I can’t plow through.  Maybe I need to change my diet.  Maybe I need to run faster.  Or slower.  Or on the treadmill for a while.  Maybe there’s some running jedi mind tricks I haven’t thought about.  But I need to do something.  Soon.
  • I’ve sucked at skating lately, too. I blame the rental skates.  Mine should be here late this week/early next week.  Cannot wait.  Not sure what I’ll blame after that.  Probably missing practices.   I have my skills test April 7.   Let’s hope I’m over this suckiness by then.
  • There are these birds in my neighborhood.  They look like hawks.  But there are a LOT of them.   THey have red on the underside of their wings.  I’ve scoured the internet and can’t figure out what they are.  I even did a bird finding wizard.   I think they’re brown.  None of the brown birds look like these.  All the black birds in Illinois are allegedly vultures/buzzards.  It’s a mystery.
  • I’ve been plagued by lots of stupid drama lately.  I really try to not let it get to me but sometimes I just can’t help it.  Apparently my skin isn’t as thick as I once thought it was.
  • I’m trying to think of something positive to keep this from being a Debbie Downer post.  Right now I’m drawing a blank.
  • Oh, yeah… I get to see my niece this weekend (and my brother.  and my sister in law)
  • Our roller derby team is hosting the STL team…  I’m sure we’ll learn lots from them.
  • It’s soooo nice out.  But it just serves to remind me that I suck at running.  I’m blaming the wind.
  • Living alone after having someone here for an extended period of time is a bit of a drag.  I think I’m over the “I get to leave my $hit laying around and can watch all the TV I want” stage.  Now I’m just bored.
  • Oh, for those of you who don’t know… my boyfriend got a job where he works out of town M-F and is only home on the weekends.  It’s week 3.  And despite what it says above,  it’s not so bad.  At least not as bad as I thought it would be.
  • I feel blessed to have as many friends as I do… and in such diverse groups.  But sometimes it leads to being over-extended.   I’m not sure when my next “free” day is.
  • Then again, when I get free time I blog about random (mostly depressing) things.
  • I don’t need an easy button.  I need a “snap out of it” button.   Kind of like a re-do.  I’d like to start this week over…

I think that’s enough. I’m even boring myself.   Off to read a few other blogs and hope for some inspiration!


  • I thought of one more thing I suck at– bills/paperwork.  I have a pile of it on my table that hasn’t been touched for weeks….

Carich Likes/Dislikes

LIKES . . .


Modern Family, Better Off Ted, The Big Bang Theory American Idol, Jersey Shore, Grey’s Anatomy*
Being home to make dinner every night Working out at 5 a.m., cleaning up from dinner
My Real Friends Facebook-only “friends”
Working out at the gym—yes, even the treadmill! Being sore from working out 4 days in a row
Sleeping Work
Sporcle, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Scramble Facebook “games,” Xbox 360 shoot-em-up games
Blog lurking Blog writing
My incredibly unfashionable snow boots, striped purple cardigan, oversized hoodies, and wooly red socks Just about every other item of clothing in my closet
Warmer weather, no snow Rain (and corresponding headaches)

*to be fair, I’ve only watched 1-2 episodes of each of these shows… but enough to know I don’t get what the fuss is about!

2009: A Year in Review

I had planned on breaking this into two separate posts, but time got away from me.  Here’s what I’ve been up to the last 12 months:


  • 30 days of 30
  • First ski/snowboard trip
  • Neil Clennon Reffett was born




  • Work trip to San Francisco (two posts… here and here)

yep, that's a CRUISE ship on the right


Clennon and I post-race


The girls of Hewett 6 (minus Jo)


  • Ohio for Reds/Cubs game
  • Ryan Joseph Lingas was born
  • Started the Great Paint Project

Self-portrait attempt #2. This pic is horrible, but I LOVE it 'cuz it's so real!


  • Infamous Rural King incident
  • Cubs/Cardinals game
  • Stephanie’s bachelorette party
  • Hayden Michael Bates was born



Highlight of the trip: Getting up on waterskiis for the first time!

the entire bridal party!


  • 4th 5K
  • Surprise birthday tailgate


The bigger the hair, the closer to God



  • Kim’s surprise birthday party
  • Christmas with my dad’s side
  • Oak Ridge Boys concert
  • First Christmas with my new niece

Birthday girl doing shots

My 92 year old Grannie and my newborn GREAT niece

In addition, there were countless nights out, NUMEROUS trips to Chicago and plenty of downtime.  All in all it was a pretty good year.  I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for me.

Bullets with Butterfly Wings

Wow… “long time, no blog” seems a bit cliché, but well… I’ve been busy.  I’m not sure what all I’ve been doing, but here are a few highlights. 

Over the last few weeks, I

  • had happy hour with my work peeps.  And then celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday… with house guests!
  • became an aunt.  Ryan and Jo don’t want her pictures plastered all over the Internet, but I can say with certainty that she’s absolutely the most perfect baby girl ever.   Yes, I’m biased.
  • had my car in the shop waaaayyy more than I would’ve liked.  I’m not 100% sure it’s fixed yet.
  • celebrated Christmas with my dad’s side of the family, which included meeting my great niece for the first time.
  • made my first successful batch of “murdah bars”– chocolate chip/peanut butter/cookie perfection
  • helped a friend celebrate her 29th birthday (for the 3rd time) with a surprise party
  • celebrated the holidays with my book group
  • attempted to re-create a pear/bacon/goat cheese recipe, without said recipe.  Limited success.
  • attended my official company Christmas party… and unofficial bar crawl
  • ran a few times… but not as much as I should have.  I missed this weekend’s long run.   Next weekend isn’t looking good, either.
  • got hit on at the gym for the first time.  He actually used the “you come here often?” line. 
  • took a whirlwind trip to Chicago, which involved me riding in the backseat underneath an area rug
  • made an unsuccessful batch of Ramen noodles.  Yes, I messed up Ramen!

So, now you’re all caught up.  Christmas week is upon us and I still have presents to buy and wrap and a houseful of stuff to put away.  I have a couple year-end posts planned and then I’m going to re-think my blog a bit.  

A big THANK YOU and Merry Christmas for those of you who have kept up with me over the last year… It’s always nice to know there’s an audience out there reading my random ramblings.

What I learned on my walk home last night

  • Not all teenagers are “meddling  kids”
    I thought for sure I was going to get pelted with eggs as part of some sort of egg war.  Nope… it was just a Boy Scout troupe playing hide-and-seek.
  • People have really funny names for their wireless networks
    Like “this aint’ yo crib” and “don’t even think about it.”
  • It’s possible to get lost… in your own neighborhood…. with a fancy GPS-enabled phone
    Turns out you actually have to be able to read the map.   FAIL.
  • Walking in heels is a bad idea, even if it’s just a short distance
    See above.  My 1 mi walk turned into 2, maybe 2 and a half.  I’m counting it as cross-training as my knees/feet hurt today.

Proof that my friends are awesomer than I am

Friend #1 ( Yesterday, via IM):  Hey, did you know that Cross Canadian Ragweed is playing here in a couple months?

Friend #2 (Today, via email):  Air Supply is coming to Indy.  Tickets are CHEAP.

See…  my friends not only know my obscure quirky really *cool* taste in music, they also know that I’m always down for a live show!

i refuse to wear leggings

  • I don’t care how trendy they are or how many stores send me promos for them, I’m NOT wearing leggings.  No way.  No how.
  • My paint still isn’t done.  It’s almost done.  That’s like almost being pregnant.  I don’t want to talk about it.
  • Yesterday I almost started an office fire with a pop tart and saw a guy riding a bike with a ferret around his neck.   All in one day!
  • I had a minor case of baby fever this morning when my co-worker brought her twins in.  This has never happened before. I must be 30.
  • I spent entirely too much time  looking for a picture of a bulldozer running over some records for an “inspired” blog post idea.   Suffice it to say I abhor that song about “doing the Helen Keller.”   FAIL.
  • I’m going on vacation in a little over a week.  I finally decided two days ago.  My planning skills are sub-par while my procrastination is at an all-time high.
  • I had granola bar on the front of my shirt all morning.  Which is sad, because I thought I already brushed it off.  Twice.
  • “I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face”   And update my iPod.  Bruce is getting old.  Literally and figuratively.
  • I’m starting to remind myself of the “Always Wear Sunscreen Guy.”  You know what I’m talking about, right?  (Fine. I’ll go look it up for you)

(didn’t know Baz Luhrmann did that.  Hmm.)

That is all.