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You’ve Got 20 Minutes

I stayed in last night. Finished packing, went to bed early. Then my cousin called and wanted me to come out. I don’t get to hang out with him much, but I was being good… then he kept calling. So I went out. At midnight. The night before I had to leave. Ugh.

Pretty fun time. Went out in my sweatshirt, ponytail and glasses. Saw a couple of old flings. Good times were had by all.

Hopefully there will be something more interesting to discuss once I make it to Hotlanta!


Freewriting, part 2

Well, I guess we’ll try this again. I had two ideas for blogs yesterday. One was my theory on Tuesdays, which is no longer timely (but look for it next week!) and the other I can’t remember… I’ve been racking my brains to try to come up with it. No luck.

So, today is my vacation day and I’ve been up since 5. Woke up with horrible stomach pains and can’t get back to sleep. I have a mile-long list of things to do today. I’m thinking “take a nap” might be one of them. It’s supposed to be super nice so hopefully I can take advantage of it.

Last night was the Backyard Tire Fire show.

The show was good. I was annoyed ‘cuz my friend was already drunk when I got there and I was ridiculously tired, so I had some catching up to do. Strangely enough, I actually had fun with his brother. We generally don’t get along but he was a lot more fun, talkative, energetic than my friend. I really, really, really hate babysitting. And moodiness. Unless it’s my own moodiness!

As usual, Backyard Tire Fire was awesome. I love that they’re a local. I need to download some of their new stuff. I love live music. When its good, it’s REALLY good. Maybe I should try to see some shows during my yet-to-be-determined road trip.

I got a lil drunk, but not too bad. We left the show during the headlining act, got some McDonalds (thus the stomach problems) and came home.

What else? Oh, I’m grossed out by how much smoking I’ve done lately. My lungs need a break and I’m afraid I smell.

This has to be the lamest freewrite in the history of the world. Seriously. I generally have four thousand thoughts streaming through my head. Maybe it’s because I’ve been up too long and my emotions have been effectively repressed. Or maybe I’m just tired.

Oh, wait. I just remembered my other post…. time to write it. I guarantee this isn’t gonna do much for my hit count–ahaha!!