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Foto Friday: Dressing my best

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m participating in academicchic’s Dress Your Best week.  To tell the truth, I haven’t been dressing my best this week.  I’ve barely even put on make-up.  But Monday night I had to have my picture taken for our derby bout program.  The instructions were clear:  wear a black top.  Any black top.

photo by Alex Wild

(In reverence to academic chic, I’ll use their standard format for this photo)


  • top: Gap Outlet ribbed tank
  • jeans: Gap, distressed
  • bracelet: CDH awareness


The instructions were clear: wear a black top.  Any black top.  I chose this ribbed tank top from the Gap to highlight one of my favorite “features”:  my skin.   Granted, a lot of it has to do with the amazing lighting and photography, but I just love the contrast of my pale skin with the black top in this picture.   I also love how *much* of my skin  you can see…without being too risqué.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my skin over the years.  I’m pale.  I *can* tan, but it takes a lot of time and effort (and sunburns).  I’ve often felt self-conscious about being so pale.  I’ve tanned, self-tanned, spray-tanned, etc. in an effort to combat my pastiness.  (Hannah had an interesting post about the same subject yesterday.) None of these things are pleasant, nor do they last long, so I’ve learned to embrace my skin for what it is.

I mentioned in my last post that I asked my fb friends to name the one complement they get most often.  My answer was my skin/complexion.  Ever since I was young people have been telling me I have a good complexion.  Even before I really knew what that meant.

I was lucky enough as a teenager to escape the severe acne problems of some of my peers.  Not that I had perfect skin back then, but it was better than most.  Now that I’m “older” I often hear that I look younger than I am.   I haven’t (yet) had the struggles with lines and wrinkles other people of my advanced age (31) have had to contend with.

Pale is the new tan and today I’m celebrating my skin…  and good lighting… and amazing photography

Foto Friday: Fun with Photoshop

Big race tomorrow.  I’ve been doing everything in my power to not think about it, but it’s pretty much consuming my thoughts.  

Lots more than that later, but for now… I’ve been trying to teach myself Photoshop.  Here are some of my favorite creations:

Cutout derby girl

neon derby girl

charcoal chalk_pink


burglar_graphic pen

Kyle and I-- film grain

poster edges

Roxie really looks like a killer now!


Foto Friday: Facebook meme edition

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m getting annoyed by all the facebook memes going around.  I refuse to play out of principle.   However, if I were to play, here’s some of the pictures I’d post:

Throwback  photo
fb instructions:  Change your profile pic to a pic of you back in the day

pampasan chair--check, hammer pants--check, day glo shirt-check= genuinely happy Christmas smile

Sibling  photo
fb instructions: If you love your brothers/sisters, post a photo of you together

Of course I love them! From left: David (half-bro), Jo (sis-in-law), Ryan (bro), me, Kelli (half-sis)

Celebrity photo
fb instructions: Post a photo of the celebrity you’ve been told you look like

I did an entire post on this once. I’m still going with Jewel.  Not so much these days, though.

Couple photo
fb instructions:  In honor of Valentine’s Day, post a pic of you and your significant other and tell how long you’ve been together/how you met

This was taken on NYE. I love it cuz we're REALLY laughing, not doing our usual smile-for-the-camera bit

We’ve been together a little over a year.  Our “story” isn’t really one to pass down to the grandkids, so we’ll just say we met in school and re-connected years later ;)

And, just for fun…
Here are my entries from the Urban Dictionary:

1. Girl’s name
2. A very hot girl who is secretly very dirty but no one would know it.
3. A rampant sex beast – amazing in bed.
4. other meanings: flows like water (turkish)/ melody (old french)/ free man (german/french)/ love (gaelic)/ beloved (latin)

or, alternatively:

A crazy pyscho feminist who rages on most days about nothing in particular, leading you in circles going no where but confusion

Foto Friday: Crazy Kids

Very soon, these crazy kids will be parents and I’ll be an aunt.   I couldn’t be happier– or more emotional–about it.   Stay tuned!

Jo & Ryan. Minnesota, August 09

Foto Friday: Photobooth fun!

A few weeks ago (I told you these updates would be non-linear!), I attended my friend Jacqui’s wedding. It was a lot of fun, but I don’t have many pics from that night (other than a HILARIOUS–but unintentional–shot of me doing the “Carich dance.”)

The wedding was super fun… and they had a photobooth!  I’ve seen this on TV before, but never in real life. 

Basically, they have a booth set up and you get your picture taken (like you did at the mall when you were in Jr. high).  Except now they give you two printouts of your photos–one for you to keep and one that you paste in a book for the bride and groom.   There’s also a digital record–which Jacqui posted on facebook for the world to see.   SO FUN!!

Kyle and I. That last pic is horrendous...and priceless!

Group shot-- fun with props!

Me, Erin, Steph

Kyle is P.I.M.P.

Foto Friday: Motivation

I saw this ad the other day while I was flipping through magazines at the gym.   If this doesn’t motivate you to add a few extra minutes to your workout, I don’t know what will!


Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein


I’m a bit behind in my photo downloading/uploading.  Hopefully there will be plenty next week!

Foto Friday: A running tour of my ‘hood

Inspired by this post and armed with my iPhone, I went for a run* and tried to document the sights of my “usual” route.   It’s a 3 mile loop from my house and only contains 4 turns, but there are plenty of sights** to see:


don't quite have the hang of taking pictures while running yet


I live near campus, so I run by a couple fraternity/sorority houses


and the old Presidents house or something (seriously, i run by this 3x a week and I'm not sure what it is....)


Lots of UI pride... even now!

This one makes it look like I'm moving FAST.... or the cars are!

This one makes it look like I'm moving FAST... or the cars are!


obligatory U of I marker!


Gorgeous fall colors


There are 2 schools on my route. This is one of them.


picture perfect


on the home stretch!


Urbana has a reputation for being "crunchy." This canoe for sale embodies that mentality. Love it!


I'm obsessed with these red bushes!


home sweet home


but I usually try to round the corner and finish at the back door (this street is also a bit more colorful)


* full disclosure:   I didn’t actually plan to take pictures that day.  I planned on a 3 mi run, but I noticed how pretty the scenery was and thought about the blog post I’d read.   Stopping to take photos didn’t help my run any so I changed my 3 mi into 2 mi and didn’t worry about time.  It was quite enjoyable.***

** I also run by Robert Ebert’s childhood home *every* time I run–there’s a plaque and everything.  But, of course, I didn’t think about taking the photos until after I passed his house.


*** full disclosure, part 2: If I had realized that it would be my last run for two weeks,  I might have pushed a little harder!

Foto Friday: Billboard

I saw this billboard yesterday and I had to stop  and take a picture of it. (Actually, I had to park, cross the street in the rain, and stand there like an idiot taking a picture of it).

Is it just me or does this ad bother you?


I can’t help but think it’s from Smart Tan or a similar organization.   If so, I’m appalled that they’re using the pink ribbon to promote their cause.  Now, if  the message was just “Vitamin D helps decrease your risk,” I’d have no problem with it.  But the fact that they say “from the sun and tanning beds” makes me a bit suspect.

I’m all for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but why use it to promote your own cause?   And isn’t this kind of like trading one cancer for another?  I realize skin cancer is less deadly, but still.

What do you all think?

Foto Friday: Costumes, cont.

Tis the season for costumes–  Very soon we’ll see witches and ghosts and pumpkins (along with Slutty Nurses, Slutty school girls, Slutty fill-in-the-blank… don’t get me started).

Anyway, as I was searching through photos for this much-delayed Foto Friday post (thanks, Suzanne, for the kick in the pants…) I realized that some of my favorite costumes weren’t even HALLOWEEN* costumes.  Most of them were for Bunco!   

Without further adieu, I give you my favorite non-Halloween costumes:

Erin and I at Cops and Robbers Bunco-- one of my all-time fave pix

Erin and I at Cops and Robbers Bunco-- one of my all-time fave pix

As "denim Barbie" for Denim Delight Bunco  (tip: add the word "Barbie" after anything for instant costume idea!)

As "denim Barbie" for Denim Delight Bunco (tip: add the word "Barbie" after anything for instant costume idea!)

My "business suit" for Animal Print Bunco (Animal Print Barbie, perhaps?)

My "business suit" for Animal Print Bunco (Animal Print Barbie, perhaps?)

can't go wrong with a Hippie costume!

Can't go wrong with a Hippie costume (although Hippie Barbie is a bit contradictory)!

For Glamour Shot Bunco (Motorcycle Barbie?  80s Barbie, perhaps?)

For Glamour Shot Bunco (Rocker Barbie? 80s Barbie, perhaps?)


* you can see previous posts here and here.

Foto Friday: Wedding Crasher

This photo isn’t high-quality, but the back story is priceless.  Top 5 night for sure.

It was taken at a wedding (obviously).  Although I’d grown up with the bride, she and I had drifted apart after high school, so I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t invited to the wedding.  But my friend was.  And her boyfriend wasn’t going, so I decided to crash the wedding.

And CRASH I did… I got a little tipsy on accident. Okay, a lot.    The official terminology for my state of inebriation is “wedding wine drunk.”   It was a fantastic time!

In this picture, I was  pretending to catch the bouquet while my friend took the picture.  Apparently the bride was not amused.  Ooops!   I still can’t look at this without laughing.

Catching_bouquetHappy Friday, y’all!