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Resolutions 2009

Granted, I’m a little late in publishing this post.  And–as you’ll see– some of the resolutions have already been broken.  I made a similar list last year but never posted it.  And now I can’t find the scrap of paper my 2008 resolutions were written on… so much for getting organized, I guess. 

Plus,  since I’m 12 days late in posting this, I can give you a quick update on how well I’m progressing (or not) on my goals. Without further adieu, here are my resolutions for 2009:

Be 100% smoke free– I haven’t really been a “smoker” for years and years but I like to smoke occasionally when I’m out.  I’m going to try to make 2009 100% smoke free. I don’t need it and I feel horrible afterwards, so what’s the point?

update: this resolution was broken on January 6.  Anxiety got the best of me.

Avoid fast food–  Another “let’s see how long I can go” resolution.  I honestly don’t even like fast food.  But it’s convenient.  Let’s see how long I can go w/o eating it

update:  this resolution was broken on January 10.  Early morning McDonald’s run before heading on snowboarding trip.

Finish more books–  I love to read but I haven’t been reading enough lately.  I’m currently trying to read about 4 books.  My problem is a *severe* lack of attention span.  If I’m bored with something, I stop.  So, this year I resolve to finish every book I start.

update:  so far, so good.  To be fair, though, the only books I’ve tried to read in 2009 were the Twilight  books, so that doesn’t exactly count.

Learn to write fiction–  I love writing– writing for this blog, writing for work, writing emails to friends, etc.  But all my writing tends to be informational or personal.  I’d like to take a stab at writing fiction, stories,  to see if I can write about anything other than my latest alcohol-fueled trip or stupid observations about TV

update: I’m taking a creative writing class at Parkland this semester… we’ll see how that goes.

Watch more movies–  If I could find the resolution list from last year, I guarantee  this would be on there.   I love movies, but I don’t have the attention span to sit and watch one for 2 hours straight.  I still have 4 Netflix movies on top of my DVD player waiting to be watched.  I think they’ve been there since November.  Goal: to watch one NEW (or at least new to me) movie a month.   That’s doable, right?

update:  I haven’t seen a new movie yet this year.  Maybe I’ll watch one of my Netflix tonight.  Maybe.

Be more honest–  I realize that this resolution makes me sound like a big ole liar.  That’s not really it.   I’m just not always completely honest when it comes to interpersonal stuff. I’m usually afraid of coming off the wrong way or somehow insulting someone so I sometimes tell people what they want to hear rather than what I really want to say. I also tend to avoid conflict and shy away when people say mean/hurtful/inappropriate things, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to try to call people out on stuff when necessary.

update:  working on it.  sorta.

Learn to appreciate poetry—  I’ll admit it.  I hate poetry.  I even wrote about it once.   But I feel like I’m not giving it a good enough shot.  Surely thousands of poetry lovers can’t be wrong…  So, I’m going to try to pick up some poetry and see if I can get into it.  

update:  I honestly haven’t even started thinking about how to approach this one.  Suggestions?  Anyone… anyone?

Get back to a fighting weight–  My resolution list would be incomplete without the requisite “lose weight” goal.   A couple years ago, I lost 40-45 lbs and I’ve since gained some back, so I’d like to get back to my “fighting weight.”  I think that’s about 15 lbs or so.  20 would be better.  I’d also like to actually RUN a 5K this year… and maybe even more.  

update:  uh… did you see the note earlier about the McDonald’s?  Not really going anywhere with this one quite yet.

Get control of debt– Again, another cliche resolution, but it’s one I need to work on.  I was 100% free of credit card debt when I moved into my house two years ago.  Since then, I’ve put a little more on my cards than I’m comfortable with, so I’d like to at least pay them down, if not eliminate the debt completely

update:  I haven’t even paid bills this month, so I’m no closer to this goal than I was on Jan. 1.  

There you have it, my list of resolutions for 2009.  Hopefully I’ll be able to report success on at least some of these by the time 2010 rolls around.  Oh, and I’m starting back up on the no fast food/no smoking thing even though I already fell off the wagon on those.


Oh, crap… I forgot one:

Be more responsible–  It’s true. I’m not nearly as responsible as I make myself out to be sometimes.  I forget to do things… I put off things I don’t want to do until they “automagically” disappear…  I fail to turn things in on time.   It’s probably more procrastination than irresponsibility, but I’m almost 30 damn it.   I should try to be a little bit more grown-up, dontcha think?

update:  well… I forgot to include this in the original post if that’s any indication of my progress!



Five Finger Discount

My blog stats have been WAY up the last few days so I was trying to think of something to write to keep up the momentum. For inspiration, I used my trusty friend the tag surfer and happened upon this blog and decided to do my own version. Maybe I’ll be inspired to write something more “meaty” later, but I wouldn’t count on it.

5 things in my bag

(yes, more than 5, but I’m not exactly a ‘rule follower’ am I?)

The bag– a fake Gucci I got at a purse party a couple months ago and have been carrying ever since. I love it. It’s deep red/almost burgundy and fits a lot of shit (as you’ll soon see)


The Contents:

Since this is the “5 item game” I’ll just point out the highlights:

1) Cigarettes-– I haven’t been smoking much lately but on my way out of town I bought a pack. In the spirit of honesty, I left those in, although I am NOT proud of it!

2) A Lint Roller— No matter what, I’m *always* finding lint, fuzz, dog hair, etc. on my pants, so I’ve been carrying it around with me

3) My camera— You can’t see it in the picture (because, duh, it was taking the picture), but I almost always have my digital camera on me in case a photo op arises.

4) Various lipglosses/chap stick. There are a total of 7 lip products in my bag. SEVEN! Seriously.

5) Random papers— including a written warning for speeding that I got back in July. I was using the back of it for my to-do list

5 favorite things in my room

I honestly don’t have a lot of fun stuff in my room, but here’s what I came up with

1) This great necklace I’ve been wearing everywhere. It came from Silpada or Lia Sophia or something but it’s exactly the right length and it’s a little quirkier than the rest of my jewelry

2) My “Wall of Shoes”-– I especially like the black Nine West’s, but they’ve seen better days!

3) My Old Crow and I Heart New York stickers— they usually live on my mirror, but I put them on the dresser for better a better pic

4) My “piggy bank”— It’s actually an old milk bottle, but I love it. I’ve had it since I was a kid!

5) Gap Messenger Bag— I got this in college and I’ve carried it EVERYWHERE– to school, to work, on vacation. Its an all purpose bag. I think I paid $10 for it!

5 things I’m currently into:

1) Reading— I’ve always been a reader, but right now I’m on one of my reading “spurts”

2) Kelly Green and Lemon Yellow— I’m kinda transitioning from the green to yellow, but couldn’t find a good yellow object to photograph

3) Self-Reflection: This is a poster I made a while ago about “who I am,” but I feel I’ve grown since then

4) This awesome weather— It has been SO NICE here the last couple of days. I’m finally able to wear my sunglasses!

5) Handlebars by the Flobots. I can’t get enough of this song!

flobots video

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

1) Go skiing. I’ve tried to water ski w/no luck and I’ve NEVER been snow skiing

2) Join the Peace Corps

3) Get paid to write

4) Be a man for a day

5) Be famous