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Music Monday: Discovering New Music

I’ve been really bored with my music lately.  A lot of my library is old and dated and I honestly only listen to about 1/3 of it.  But even my favorite third is getting kinda old.  Updating my iPod really made me think about how hard it is for me to “discover” music on my own.  I really need other people (and-to a lesser extent–the Internet) to introduce me to new bands.  My musical tastes have mostly been shaped by:

  • Family— There’s no way I’d have such an affinity for old school country music if it wasn’t for my family.  I grew up on Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Emmylou Harris, Ricky Skaggs, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and, yes– The Oak Ridge Boys.  My mom also liked Air Supply and James Taylor and The Commodores, so I have a bit of a soft spot for these artists as well. 
    My biggest influence, however, is my brother.  Growing up, he’d “discover” some new band and force me to listen to it.   His latest musical obsession was always thrust upon me until it became my latest musical obsession.  It didn’t always work out that way (I’ll never quite get Pink Floyd, for example) but my brother introduced me to some of my very favorite artists including Black Sabbath, Green Day, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Prine, They Might Be Giants, and The Who as well as recent additions Cross Canadian Ragweed, Old Crow Medicine Show, Todd Snider, and Backyard Tire Fire. (It’s also the reason I still know all the words to Weird Al Yankovic‘s Fat album, but we won’t go there.)

  • Friends–  A quick glance through my iTunes reveals a number of different genres of music, and I can pinpoint with a great deal of accuracy who I was hanging out with or dating at the time.   There’s Nirvana and Dr. Dre from high school, the Lilith Fair-esq girl power from my early college days (Jewel, Sarah McLachlan,  Tori Amos, Tracy Chapman), the “hippie” music from a guy I dated in college (Widespread Panic, Phish, Dave Matthews Band), college rock favorites from when I worked at the campus radio station (Stroke 9, Ani DiFranco), a bunch of blues and heavy metal from a former boyfriend (Eric Clapton’s From the Cradle is an amazing album of blues covers and Zakk Wylde’s Book of Shadows is one of the deepest heavy metal records I’ve ever heard), some R&B (R.Kelly, Brian McKnight) and a TON of *really cheesy shit* I like to listen to with my girlfriends.  
  • The Internet— To be honest, I don’t listen to the radio much.  And I stopped watching MTV when they stopped showing videos, so I’m usually a bit behind when it comes to new music.  I rely mostly on iTunes and mySpace to tell me what’s “hot” as far as Top 40/Pop music is concerned (yeah, I like it… and I’m not ashamed to admit it!).  But when I’m looking for something out of the ordinary it’s a bit harder. I might hear a band on someone’s mySpace page and listen to their other tracks, or I might read about a band on a blog and check them out.
    Lately, I’ve been listening to the Pop Candy podcasts for new music.  They’re usually about 20 minutes long, which just happens to be the length of my commute.  Although I’ve found some great artists (Hays CarllOkkervil River, The Whigs), some of Whitney’s suggestions are a little too “modern rock” for me.  That is, they sound like bad rip offs of The Beatles/The Rolling Stones/The Who.  And all the “new” punk music sounds like a watered-down version of the Sex Pistols.

So, how do you  discover new music?  And who are some bands I should check out?  I’m really in need of an iPod overhaul.


Five Finger Discount

My blog stats have been WAY up the last few days so I was trying to think of something to write to keep up the momentum. For inspiration, I used my trusty friend the tag surfer and happened upon this blog and decided to do my own version. Maybe I’ll be inspired to write something more “meaty” later, but I wouldn’t count on it.

5 things in my bag

(yes, more than 5, but I’m not exactly a ‘rule follower’ am I?)

The bag– a fake Gucci I got at a purse party a couple months ago and have been carrying ever since. I love it. It’s deep red/almost burgundy and fits a lot of shit (as you’ll soon see)


The Contents:

Since this is the “5 item game” I’ll just point out the highlights:

1) Cigarettes-– I haven’t been smoking much lately but on my way out of town I bought a pack. In the spirit of honesty, I left those in, although I am NOT proud of it!

2) A Lint Roller— No matter what, I’m *always* finding lint, fuzz, dog hair, etc. on my pants, so I’ve been carrying it around with me

3) My camera— You can’t see it in the picture (because, duh, it was taking the picture), but I almost always have my digital camera on me in case a photo op arises.

4) Various lipglosses/chap stick. There are a total of 7 lip products in my bag. SEVEN! Seriously.

5) Random papers— including a written warning for speeding that I got back in July. I was using the back of it for my to-do list

5 favorite things in my room

I honestly don’t have a lot of fun stuff in my room, but here’s what I came up with

1) This great necklace I’ve been wearing everywhere. It came from Silpada or Lia Sophia or something but it’s exactly the right length and it’s a little quirkier than the rest of my jewelry

2) My “Wall of Shoes”-– I especially like the black Nine West’s, but they’ve seen better days!

3) My Old Crow and I Heart New York stickers— they usually live on my mirror, but I put them on the dresser for better a better pic

4) My “piggy bank”— It’s actually an old milk bottle, but I love it. I’ve had it since I was a kid!

5) Gap Messenger Bag— I got this in college and I’ve carried it EVERYWHERE– to school, to work, on vacation. Its an all purpose bag. I think I paid $10 for it!

5 things I’m currently into:

1) Reading— I’ve always been a reader, but right now I’m on one of my reading “spurts”

2) Kelly Green and Lemon Yellow— I’m kinda transitioning from the green to yellow, but couldn’t find a good yellow object to photograph

3) Self-Reflection: This is a poster I made a while ago about “who I am,” but I feel I’ve grown since then

4) This awesome weather— It has been SO NICE here the last couple of days. I’m finally able to wear my sunglasses!

5) Handlebars by the Flobots. I can’t get enough of this song!

flobots video

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

1) Go skiing. I’ve tried to water ski w/no luck and I’ve NEVER been snow skiing

2) Join the Peace Corps

3) Get paid to write

4) Be a man for a day

5) Be famous