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Derby Debut

The first-ever bout of the Twin City Derby Girls was last Friday.  I was lucky enough to be part of this history-making event as a skater for the ‘Paign.  Our team lost to the formidable Boneyard Bombshells, but it was a hella good time.    Seriously.  Most. Fun. Ever.    I had a *lot* of crowd support– tons of friends and family were there to cheer me on and it was amazing.

For a quick introduction to derby (and some shots of me on TV!), check out this piece from the local news.  It was amazing to see it post-bout.  The whole bar was cheering!  Words don’t do it justice, so let’s have some pictures, shall we?

A view from above. See that pink track? I helped lay it... along with two real-life rocket scientists (that's me in the pink helmet)!

We started the night with a slow motion jam to help explain the rules of the game to our legions of fans

My team, the 'Paign during introductions. It's possible I tripped a bit when my name got called...

Best.Fans.Ever. (separate post to come on the awesomeness of my fans)

Bitch E Rich in action

Lining up at the pivot line (the stripe on my helmet means I'm playing pivot, which means I line up at the front of the pack for the beginning of the jam.)

of course, I don't always stay in the front. Here I am yelling at another blocker that the jammer is coming through

getting ready to block (note how sideways my helmet panty is in this one... awesome!)

Blocking. Technically, she's blocking me, but this is the best "real" action shot of me

and of course there was an after-party!!

All photos (except the last two) by Alex Wild.  He’s a wonderfully talented wildlife photographer who just happens to be married to one of our derby girls.  He is just getting into sports photography and it’s a real treat to have him with us.  You can see the rest of the pictures from the bout on his web site.

More derby awesomeness to come, I’m sure.